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Manufacturing Facility

Hexagen Pharma Ind. has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit which is accredited with cGMP. Our manufacturing facility is situated in the tranquil location of Wada, which is few kilometres away from Mumbai. Our entire manufacturing facility is spread over 80,000 sq.ft., which has our manufacturing unit and utilities.

Using hi-tech equipment we engage in manufacturing and supply a wide range of pharmaceutical products with therapeutic uses which comprise of Tablets, Capsules, liquid oral preparations like Syrups, Drops, Suspensions, external preparations like Creams, Gels, Ointments, Powders, ophthalmic and Ear Drops, nasal sprays, Injectables, Parenterals, I.V. Solutions, Suppositories, etc. Our proficiency has always been high-tech and well-designed manufacturing set-up.

Salient features of HEXAGENS Pharmaceutical Formulations manufacturing facilities include:

  • 1. Compliance to strict riders of WHO cGMP
  • 2. Each production area with AHUs (Air Handling Units), Dust Extraction Systems and Dehumidification Units
  • 3. Separation of all significant dispensing under takings in each area to avoid cross-contamination
  • 4. Constantly improvising Quality Control System
  • 5. Setting in each area zone of the plant adjusted in harmony with the requirements of humidity, temperature, filtration, etc
  • 6. Authentication of Machinery, Processes and Systems
  • 7. Utilization of water which has passed through all tests including microbiology
  • 8. Observance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • 9. Training on a regular basis to all our employees
  • 10. Suitably synchronized plant unit consisting of unidirectional flow of material and work force movement to ensure optimal output
  • 11. Optical check-up of ampoules with automated inspection technology
  • 12. Meticulously designed for high production volume with abundant storage facility for raw material, packaging material and finished product
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Production Capacity
Production Capacity
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